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Financial Independence is a desire by everyone. Having enough to pay your bills through multiple streams of income and doing what you love to do without been under undue stress or time constraints is such a beautiful thing. The internet, no doubt is such a great resource that offers ample opportunities in helping one to archive this dream. 

However, a lot of people still have contrasting views on the concept of doing business or making money online. Some people either believe it is real but do not have enough information on how to get started. Others have the right information but are just being skeptical on whether to go into it while some even start but soon got stuck, confused and struggling to break even. 

The point is that I have passed through all these stages at one point in time when I am beginning with my online business but in the end I got to realize that not only is making legitimate money online real, it has the prospect of helping someone to build multiple figures lifetime income streams. 

As a matter of fact, having a successful online business can be a great alternative in a situation like the current global economic challenge informed by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. In this post I will share with you four legit ways to work from home and make money using the power of the internet. 

It is important however that I stress the fact that making money online is for the action takers. The online income is not really passive as it used to be so described, especially for a newbie. It is required that you take actions on the information you receive then you may have time to rest later, making money even while you sleep. The following are four ways to build online income streams.
  1. E-commerce 
E-commerce involves you selling products online either physical/regular goods ranging from home appliances, mobile phones, computers and accessories and a host of others or products in digital formats such as eBooks, Softwares, Graphics, Entertainment, Instructional or Informative Videos or Audios and other forms. There are three forms of e-commerce business. 

First, you can run a standard or full e-commerce business in which case you stock up an inventory of products and then set up an e-commerce store or website where customers can place orders, make payments while you ship or deliver the goods to them according to their chosen delivery  options. You can either sell your own locally manufactured goods or you can buy from suppliers on major e-commerce stores like Amazon or AliExpress or if you have the reseller's rights of the digital products in your possession. 

The second e-commerce business type is dropshipping. Here, you set up a virtual online store and display some items on it. When a customer places an order and make payment, you contact your supplier with the details of the order including the customer's address and you make the payment at a reduced price and the rest of the work is left for the supplier to complete. 

The third e-commerce business type is selling through a third party online store. You register your brands on a store like AliExpress or Amazon Seller Central and sell through their platforms while you share your revenue with them. The best way to get started with any e-commerce business model is to choose the right platform that gives you all the flexibility and functionalities that you will enable your success. Woocommerce is highly recommended for getting started.
  1. Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate Marketing is a good way to get started with online business as it requires virtually no startup capital. All you have to do is to promote another person's or company's products or services and if you make a sale, you get a commission. You sign up with an affiliate network, find products you will like to promote, get your promotional links, share the links on your social media pages, or in blog posts or websites and if people buy through your links, you get paid. 

Some affiliate promotions do not necessarily require you make a sale but you get paid for merely sending visitors to their websites who then perform some little tasks like entering their emails and passwords, making calls and other actions. 

It is however important that you carry out your research thoroughly before jumping into signing up with an affiliate network. Such factors like network's cookies lifespan policy, payout system or methods, commission rates, and products availability and coverage. 

The easiest way to begin with affiliate marketing is to start a blog with Blogger or WordPress and then choose an an affiliate network to find and promote products. JVZoo, one of the largest affiliate network in the world has a good reputation and popularity and accepts affiliates from across the globe. 

There are a number of other notable affiliate networks including ClickBank but does not accept membership from certain countries including Nigeria, Bangladesh and North Korea for reasons best best known to them. You can also sign up for individual company's affiliate program like the Amazon Associates, the most popular in the entire world. More on affiliate marketing in subsequent post
  1. Online Freelancing 
Online Freelancing involves you rendering some professional digital services to individuals or corporate organizations online. As a freelancer, you're are a self-employed and independent service provider, working within your own time schedule for people and companies either locally or internationally, all from the comfort of your home. A freelancing platform enables you to  monetize your skills, whatever skills or training you have ranging from writing, coding, graphic designs, photo/video editing, web design and development, digital marketing, the list is endless. 

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals and oranizations out there nee ding to get their stuffs done. Interestingly too, you can join a freelancing network even with virtually little or no marketable skills. You can easily register for free on a freelancing website like Fiverr, find and learn some skills by hiring a fellow freelancer or great if you're already skilled, set up an attractive profile and you're done.
  1. Google AdSense
I call this google money. Google AdSense enables content creators to get paid for allowing google ads to run on their blogs, websites, forums or monetizing their YouTube channels. Getting started with google AdSense is simple. Start a blog or website with Blogger or WordPress, choose a niche you're so good at, create quality contents that drive traffic, monetize with google ads and earn money. 

You can also open a YouTube channel, upload quality video contents in whatever niche you choose, attain a threshold of a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months, apply for YouTube partner program, get approved and start earning. 

Trading financial products in the stock market or cryptocurrency trading is another way to make money online. This is however not advisable for a beginner as the risk involved may be substantial and it requires complex financial trading experience or analytical skills. Nevertheless, the fact remains people are really making money doing this. It is important you make an informed decision based on what you feel will work best for you.


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