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Payoneer is a an online payment service provider offering secured, fast and flexible global payment solutions to businesses in more than 200 countries and in 150 currencies. Since it was launched in 2005, Payoneer has not only opened new waves of opportunities for legitimate online entrepreneurs, particularly those residing in PayPal restricted countries, it has indeed simplified the way they pay and get paid globally.

The online payment vendor has partnered with thousands of reputable companies, a great amount of which are affiliate networks, marketplaces, freelance platforms, content sharing and hosting websites and a host of others which occupy a major space in the online money making community. Below are some of the top rated online money making websites that pay through Payoneer.

Formerly Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is the World's largest and most established affiliate marketing network with over twenty years of existence. The network is a home for top quality and most popular brands and your affiliate account with CJ gives you access to partner with any of them. CPA offers are most commonly found on this performance based network including pay-per-sale, lead  and call. Owning a website is essential to your becoming a member but the amount of traffic your site currently generates is not emphasized, though this may affect your chances of being accepted by individual merchants to promote their programs. You can as well promote through your social media networks. They pay through Payoneer.

Freelancer is the world largest professional marketplace with over 43 million freelancers and employers. It is a global home for marketing professional skills, talents and expertise in whatever fields and get get hired by millions of individual or corporate employers. Thousands of jobs featuring digital and professional services are posted on daily basis. There is an express withdrawal option which gives you access to your fund using a USD receiving account through the Payoneer Global Payment Service.

Jvzoo is one of the largest affiliate marketing network for mainly digital products, making it one among the best alternatives to ClickBank especially in a case of people from certain countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, North Korea or any other country not having access to the marketing platform(ClickBank). It is a suitable platform to market or find instant high commission digital products to promote, by navigating through the marketplace. Jvzoo prides itself on flexible, fast and easy payment of affiliate commissions as an affiliate's JvzooPay account is credited instantly a sale is generated which can then be withdrawn into your local bank account or Payoneer MasterCard. Other payment options are also available including PayPal, Stripe or BlueSnap and others.

4. Google AdSense
Google makes it possible for website owners and bloggers to monetize their sites with google ads and get paid via your payoneer Global Payment Service account linked to your AdSense account, a central account required by google to pay any user on its money making sites or platforms which include Google AdMobYouTubeGoogle PayG-Suite Affiliate Program or Blogger, a free blogging platform by google with monetization features. You can allow google ads ads to be displayed on your site and earn money through that.

A strict compliance with google terms of service and community guidelines is however emphasized to stay of trouble. EmoneyGateways.Com is hosted on blogger platform. All blogger blogs are by default hosted on a free (e.g. You can however, if you want to, spend few dollars on buying a custom domain from any of the major domain registrars like google domain (if available in your country) or then you have "" instead.

Daily motion is a free video hosting website just like YouTube with videos ans websites monetization features enabled through the Dailymotion Partner Program. Dailymotion enable you to start earning money immediately without having to meet any subscribers or viewership threshold. You simply create a channel and immediately monetize it by applying for the Partner Program with your brand website linking and embedding functionalities plus you get a custom URL for your channel.

A monthly payment of a minimum of $100 is possible through your Payoneer USD receiving account or any other supported payment options including PayPal and Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card. Dailymotion is however not preferred by most people due to low monetized views and CPM compared to what you get in YouTube. Another downside of  the platform is the defect in their ad serving and targeting functions as users sometimes served with irrelevant ads they are not interested in which significantly lowers advertisers' trust in the platform. 

The Amazon Associates Program is the affiliate program of, a major key player in the global eCommerce industry. As an amazon associate, you have access to millions of products from thousands of niches available on the website to promote and earn up to 10% commission per sale. You ca get paid using your Payonneer Global Payment Service account once you make a minimum of $10 in your associates account.

7. Upwork 
Upwork is another great remote work platform with over 5 million businesses comprising freelancers, individual professionals and agencies. It is a global freelancing marketplace where you either hire professionals to execute or complete projects for you or you get hired based on your skills and or experience from varying specialties ranging from graphic designs, writing, editing, social media marketing, web design and development, video editing and several others. You simply link your payoneer account to get paid. 

This list is not exhaustive and if you get paid through payoneer from any other website, feel free to share it in the comment section below. 


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Payoneer  is an online payment service provider that gives individuals and businesses the ease to pay and get paid from around the world offering multiple seamless payment options including sending payment requests to customers, direct linking of accounts to mass payout companies such as freelancing networks and marketplaces and the PAYONEER GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE, a feature that enables one to own three Foreign Bank Accounts accepting deposits in local currencies including USD, GBP, EUR or any other applicable currency which you can either withdraw directly into your local bank account or through your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard acceptable at any ATM or POS terminal worldwide. Payoneer's full global coverage especially, makes it the second best option for online entrepreneurs(freelancers, bloggers, affiliate marketers and other businesses dealing with online payments) in countries where PayPal , as a leading payment processor in the freelancing and affiliate marketing industri